Taking The Message of Grace to City, State, Nation and World.


We are Released Free!

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Women's 5th Saturday

Join the women of Released Free every 5th Saturday for a special time of Women's Fellowship.   We have a great time encouraging one another and growing together in our Lord Jesus Christ.  Different events/activities every time. Contact Pastors wife Lynette for details or check back here for the next upcoming Women's event.

Our Message/About us

We are a Non-Denominational, Contemporary, Spirit Filled Church.  The Lord has charged us with taking the Message of Grace to City, State, Nation and World.   

Released Free Church, Living Loved in 2018

2019 Glorified you!

The Blessing for 2019 for Released Free Church is, "Glorified You"  Come and experience Grace as the Lord Lavishes you in His great Love and find out how to live Glorified because He has Glorified you!

Upcoming Events

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Released Free Church Trip! ARK Encounter & Creation Museum 2020

in Williamstown & Petersburg, KY 

March 2021