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Released Free Missions

Taking The Message of Grace to City, State, Nation and World!


"As Terry and I stood there and talked God began to show me a door and a piece of my future that would change my life forever. It was there in that room that Terry said the words that God used to change my plans, words that would become my new goal and purpose for my life. She said “we teach them English to give them a better life and God to give them a better eternity” It was with those words that God showed me

that he wanted me to do the same thing, and be a missionary teacher in foreign countries."

Read full story at 

email:[email protected] 


Every summer brings new faces, challenges, relationships, and adventures. But one thing stays the same, and that is GROWTH. Growth in our ministry, growth in the lives of the people we minister to, and also growth in our personal lives as we allow God to use us in mighty ways! ​

​This summer brings all of these things for you! If you feel God is calling you to his work in Tanzania Africa! 

Mission to Belize

We Currently have Missions in Africa and Belize.  More Updates/Pictures Coming Soon!

Missions Chaplin Billy Cissell in Belize ministering and encouraging in Grace

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Raindrops Of Grace

The newest Christian artist, Nathan Carruth from East Texas is bursting onto the worldwide scene as he releases his debut album, ‘Raindrops of Grace’.  Search on Spotify, I-Tunes, Pandora, etc. Listen, download, share and be blessed by these songs of Grace.